Architecture department aims to nurture well-rounded designers through the education it provides. With strict requirements on faculty qualifications, the department gathers scholars and professionals from modern design schools at home and abroad who are talented in theory and practical creative fields. The faculty comprises design, theory, technique, expression, and computer professionals who have practical experiences in order to encourage students’ potential in creating and designing, and to strengthen practical abilities for achieving design compositions.

To students who are about to enter Architecture Department of MCU:
As the Chair of Architecture Department, I welcome you!

You have just completed four years of Senior High School or are getting ready to transfer into this program, or you are an overseas Chinese student/ student from mainland China, or maybe you entering MCU Architecture Department from another route and are excited about the next 5 years of study!

The training of Architecture students is strict and difficult, yet the growth in your mind and the outcome of learning are fruitful, especially in ways to perceive the meaning of life, to develop creativity and to expand your life vision. Ming Chuan University is the first US-accredited university in Asia, and the first with a U.S. location. As such, the MCU Architecture Dept. looks forward to strengthening your international perspective and worldview as we hold true to the concept of “Read widely and travel extensively.” You may have already discovered that MCU Architecture Department arranges many learning away from home courses for students as we wish to lead our students into the world and expand their international perspectives. At the same time, we also aim to introduce international perspectives on the MCU campus by organizing various international work camps and master speeches through inviting masters from all over the world to share their spectacular worldviews with our students.


Aside from the above, I would like to remind and encourage university freshmen to try your best to have a versatile life experience by reading a wide range of books, attending and appreciating art and literary exhibitions, and acquiring knowledge of different fields of study. While studying with us, may you have the courage to attend all sorts of activities within and outside of the department. Try hard to exploit your potential, do not fear to train your mind and ability, and learn to appreciate and understand opinions and criticism from different perspectives. Moreover, we also offer study tour and exchange program opportunities for students to know and experience different cultures and values.


Herein I offer 3 tips for inspiration for you before entering the Architecture Department. These tips might help you to enhance yourself and exploit your existing power.


1. Read and never miss a chance to listen to a speech

Aside from the knowledge conveyed by your teachers, it is very important to cultivate the habit of reading. Reading architecture magazines or finding good designs in books helps you think how to design, promotes your sensitivity to buildings, helps you learn independent thinking and increases your inspiration. In addition, reading to acquire cultural essence or listening to speeches helps you to deepen and broaden your thoughts and adds more ideas and meaning when pondering over design issues.

2. Enhance your informational technology capacity

In this era, computers are a very important tool for design. Students with great computer skills have higher acceptance rate when looking for jobs. Although we have arranged computer skills courses for students during your 5 years with us, practice before enrolling will help students to be more familiar with how to use related software.

3. Develop positive values and attitude

Aside from knowing what design is, a good architect cares about what is happening in the current era. I think the value of being a student is not only to learn but to connect what you have learnt with something meaningful. For instance, MCU teachers have led a group of students to aboriginal villages to help them rebuild their homes after a disaster. Through this program, students learned about local cultures, learned about structures and mechanics while reconstructing, and at the same time helped the society and furthered the survival of a culture. I think this is a very important value for students. So before the semester begins, try to think if there is any help you can offer to the environment around you.

Time flies when you have a joyful university life, and yet a fulfilling university life depends on your choices and estimated goals. If you can make good use of your time, I believe you will have a pleasant university life.  

Best wishes to all students!

I look forward to our first meeting after the new semester begins.


Liang, Ming-Kang

Chair of Architecture Department