• Course Objective
  Through a year-long graduation project curriculum, students are required to carry out a collection and analysis of related literature, propose a design question, then, in view of the design question, draw up a rigorous design flow and operating procedure. Moreover, through each of the design and development stages, they are to inspect and improve, resulting in students gaining specialized tutelage and knowledge of construction through this graduation project study that will foster their entry into specialized professional markets after graduation.

  • Course Outcomes

   Through the initial four years of training in architectural design, students should have developed skilled design and operation ability regarding form and space, planning and execution. So, the 5th-year graduation project builds on the previous four years of studio work in architectural design; it requires students to take initiative to design the question and a design process based on observations. Their proposals are based on a search of related literature and relevant laws and regulations, collected in view of the design question, the land, and the users. They must even consider and state their opinion on metropolitan society issues concerned with their proposed design.​