Architecture department aims to nurture well-rounded designers through the education it provides. With strict requirements on faculty qualifications, the department gathers scholars and professionals from modern design schools at home and abroad who are talented in theory and practical creative fields. The faculty comprises design, theory, technique, expression, and computer professionals who have practical experiences, in order to encourage students’ potential in creating and designing, and to strengthen practical abilities for achieving design compositions.

There are presently ten full-time faculty members in Architecture department. The primary consideration is their specialized capabilities. Among them, five faculty members presently have doctoral degrees; one faculty member is a candidate for doctoral degree. We encourage all faculty members to enhance their research and pursue further education, to compose papers, and to advance their qualifications. Overall, including part-time faculty, there are more than 30 professional instructional staff in architecture-related fields. Our faculty members average around 40 years old and are young, full of innovation, youthful vigor, and animation.

Name Rank Specialty Institution


Lee, Jeanne Associate Professor
  • Architectural Design
  • Digital Architecture
  • Computer Aided Design

Ph. D.

Architecture of National Chiao Tung University.


〈Living Green Shell: Urban micro-vertical farm〉
Shih, Hong-Ching Associate Professor
  • Architectural Design
  •  Computer Aided Design
  • Digital Architecture

Ph. D.

Building & Planning of National Taiwan University.


〈Discussion on the Change of Residential Space Form from the Variation of Life Style〉
Liang, Ming-Kang Chair
Associate Professor
  • Architectural Design
  • Drawing
  • Architecture History       


University of Edinburgh


〈Cyclic and Progressive: Le Corbusier’s Dualistic View of History〉
Wang, Jieh-Jiuh


  • Urban Planning and Urban Design
  • Risk and Disaster Management
  • Sustainable Development


Columbia University, New York, USA


〈Long term recovery and resilience construct- The lessons learned from Jiji earthquake〉

Hsu, Jer-Wen Assistant Professor
  • Structure Design
  • Construction Materials
  • Construction Management
  • Computer Added Design and Analysis


Michigan State University


〈Theoretical Optimization of FRC Composites〉
Chu, Ray S. C. Assistant Professor
  • Public Art
  • History of  Architecture
  • Architectural Design
  • Urban Design


Candidate, University of Pennsylvania


〈An Iconographical Reading Toward Architectural Theory/Practice〉
Lien, Nip-Khiu Assistant Professor
  • Architectural Design and Construction
  • Furniture Design
  • Real Estate Development Practice

Master of Science

the School of Architecture, University of Tsukuba, Janpan


〈The application of TRIZ product patent evasion and creative design-The study of design in Bending Chairs〉
Shyu, Ming-Song Assistant Professor
  • History of Western Architecture
  • History of Contemporary Taiwan Architecture
  • Architectural Design
  • Urban Design

Master of Architecture

Universita di Venezia


〈The National Theater & Concert Hall--A Construction History〉
Shan, Shih-Hsuan Assistant Professor
  • architecture Design
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Digital Design

Master of Architecure

Institute of Applied Arts, National Chiao Tung University


〈Virtual Dream of the Red Mansion,Grand View Garden〉
Chen, Shu-Hui Assistant Professor
  • Architecture Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Public Art

Master of Architecture

University of Pennsylvania, PA. USA


〈Overpass System Surrounding Taipei 101〉-TW Architect Magazine