Course Outline


Curriculum Framework Download[PDF]

Further Study and Career after Graduation

  1. Further study: PhD degree
  2. Certificate, qualification or professional licenses: Take the national examinations for architect, urban planning specialist, real estate manager, or community planner or join the faculty at colleges or universities.
  3. Career: Governmental department of urban development, department of construction, real estate consulting company, environmental engineering, landscape design, urban development, urban policy research center, urban software application and production.

MCU’s Master’s Program in Architecture Recruitment

  • Academic fields: 
    creation and theory of architectural design, urban planning and urban design, and digital architecture
  • Numbers of students recruited: 8 students including 2 from referral selection
  • Examination subjects
    The first round examination (50%)
    1. Project Design (20%)
    2. One of the selective subjects (20%)
      1. Environment experience
      2. design thinking
      3. Architectural practices
    3. Professional English in Architecture (10%)

  • The second round examination 50%: Oral test
    Individuals with the same overall scores will be considered according to highest scores in the following order to determine which will be admitted.
    1. Project Design
    2. Professional English for Architecture
    3. Oral test
    4. Selected subject

  • Documentation Preparation
    1. Autobiography (typed horizontally on A4 paper, 1500- 2000 words including personal information, academic experience, motivation for study, and future perspectives) and study plan. (in triplicate)
    2. Copy of bachelor degree diploma or an equivalent degree certificate and an original copy of cumulative transcript. Helpful references are also welcomed.

  • Mail abovementioned documents along with your application. Keep a copy for your own records since they will not be returned whether or not the application is accepted.
  • The second round examination: Oral test
  • Examination venue: Taoyuan Campus
  • Contact: Ms. Chang at Tel:             (03)3507001       ext.3157 e-mail: